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Another Fantasy Factor football league is in the books and long time reader and player, Kevin Zuk and his team the Worthless Burghers come away with a decisive win and the 2012 fantasy football title.  He was in first for probably most of the season and finished 158.82 points ahead of everyone else in the standings.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  I hope everyone had fun, after all, this is what its about.  I can't wait to do it again next year!  Here is how the rest of the standings ended up:

Final Standings:
Worthless Burghers - 2446.44
Xtreme Machine - 2314.40
Benchwarmers- 2306.30
North Side - 2269.20
Ray Finkle's Mom - 2176.00
Risky Business - 2084.18
Zombies - 2064.78
STEAGLES - 2057.26
Fighting Pugs - 2052.68

So after finishing 3rd to last in 2011, the Xtreme Machine shot up to 2nd for 2012.  I felt like I had a pretty solid team after the draft with both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and with this being a 2 QB league, those were a couple of good players to have carry the team.  I got solid production out of my WRs although it started off as a disaster with Welker on the bench and Crabtree, Moss and Andre Johnson under performing.  The RB situation was a black hole the entire season, which I believe is why I wasn't able to capture the league title.  Once Willie McGahee and Cedric Benson went down, I was in trouble.  DeAngelo Williams did nothing till Week 17, Issac Redman had just one good game, Peyton Hillis did nothing all year even when Jamaal Charles got hurt, and I cycled in a bunch of other RBs that had maybe one or two good games, but in most weeks, I was getting less than 5 fantasy points per game from my backs.  My kicker, Matt Bryant, finished with more points than any of the RBs I put in my lineup.  I drafted Gates to be a star and Heath Miller to back him up and it ended up being the flip of that.  Green Bay, NYJ and Baltimore filled in at defense for me throughout the year and did a nice job helping cover up for the lack of production from the RBs.

Overall, I liked the 2 QB league format and not because I had two of the best either.  Too often you'll see the Texans backup RB get picked over guys like Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger and why?  Because you just have one QB slot and even though that QB will put up far better fantasy numbers than a backup RB, you can only have one in at a time.  With the league getting more pass happy and with more RB by committee in the NFL, it almost makes sense to have 2 QBs and 1 RB.  How does picking a backup RB or a 3rd down back over a starting QB in a pass heavy league make sense?  Lets face it, there's very few RB that get the bulk of the carries.  In a 10 team league, where you have the option to play 3 RB at a time, multiple teams are playing back up RBs every week.  With QBs, its different.  3 QBs per team (2 start, 1 bench), 10 teams, every QB is picked and used.  With 2 RB per team, everybody has at least one starter, maybe two.  I'm going to give it some more thought during the off season, but I think fantasy football needs to be revamped a little bit.  Sure, your lineup isn't setup like a "real" football team with 2 QB and 1 RB, but why does it have to be?  Fantasy football would be better served if it fit the style of the play and trends of the NFL, not just the lineup.

tombrady 01042013Team MVP - Tom Brady

Predicting that Tom Brady will have a big year is like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow.  Not really going out on a limb.  He was my first round pick, he needed to be one of my better players and he was my best.  TB passed for 4827 yards, 34 TDs and just 8 INTs.  No matter the match up, Brady needs to be your lineup.  There's no defense he can't destroy on any given week.

heathmiller 01042013Biggest Surprise - Heath Miller
As I mentioned before, I was expecting a HUGE year from Antonio Gates who was actually the healthiest he had ever been coming into a season.  Well unfortunately, that didn't translate into fantasy points.  He was miserable through the first 5 weeks and was missing for most of the season.  Enter Heath Miller.  My back up TE.  A funny thing happened this year with the Steelers.  No not the number 1 defense, miss playoffs thing.  They said they would throw to the TE this year and ACTUALLY DID.    Heath finished with a career high in receiving yards with 816 and in TD receptions with 8.  I always say, if you want to have a shot at a fantasy football title, you need a good TE to give you that extra little edge against your opponents.  Assuming he remains with the Steelers, I'd love to have him back next year.  

deangelowilliams 01042013Biggest Disappointment - DeAngelo Williams
I even said it on draft day, he's a gamble pick.  High risk, high reward.  He has the talent, but with Jonathan Stewart in the mix, Mike Tolbert for the goalline, Cam Newton running a lot, he may not get that many touches.  Well, Stewart got hurt, he was the main man in the backfield, got most of the touches, but still fell flat and against teams that he should rack up big points against.  Dallas, Philly, KC, Atlanta, Oakland, all teams he should have had big games against and he was miserable.  When you expect  100 yards and at least one TD and get just one fantasy point... that's disappointment.  Then just to give you a taste of what you should have seen all year, he rushes for 210 yards and 2 TDs in Week 17.  Thanks DeAngelo.

I'd like to thank my fans for your support in helping to continue to make this blog and these leagues a success.  Its your participation that truly makes these leagues so great and so much fun to play in.  So THANK YOU!

So how did your season go?  Who was your best player?  Worst player?  Biggest Surprise?

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written by KevinZuk, January 06, 2013 - 10:04 pm

I'm just getting around to this now, but I obviously enjoyed some success this year. In 4 leagues, my worst finish was third.
I've had very limited success with the Fantasy Factor league in previous years, but switching to the 2-QB system proved to be a nice change.

Drew Brees
My first pick (3rd overall), he put up 406 points this year. That's tops among all players in this league. Tough not to call him my MVP, since he literally scored the most points.
Others receiving votes: Doug Martin (14th overall in points, 4th among RBs, 5th round pick); AJ Green (5th among WRs, 3rd round pick).

Greg Jennings
4th round pick, he barely played. Mostly worthless.

Doug Martin
A couple of huge games where he got the bonuses and he scored a lot. He was a steal, but a necessity. After my first 3 picks were non-RBs, I had to get something to avoid having a "black hole" at the position. Disaster averted.
Tony Gonzalez
I certainly didn't think he'd have the year he did. He was a 13th round pick for me, and he had the third best year overall by a TE. Gronk and Graham finished better, but Gonzo was great.
Andrew Luck
It's not that he came out of nowhere, it's that he was a top 10 QB in a league where 20 QBs can start. To get him as late as I did, and for him to perform that well... it was helpful, to say the least.

Winning Strategies
Defense - Plug and Play. I didn't was a super high pick on a defense. I was able to get big games from the Bengals, Chargers and Giants at various points throughout the season
QBs - Go for the bonus. I had 4 starting QBs on my roster for most of the season. Brees was obvious, but big games from Andrew Luck, Christian Ponder and Carson Palmer were key throughout this season. Brees consistently got the 300-yard passing bonus, which is effectively better than a TD pass. Luck and Palmer both threw so often that one of them usually got the bonus, too.
WRs - Bigger is better. AJ Green, Julio Jones and Malcolm Floyd made up my WR corps for most of the year. Big guys who visited the end zone frequently. Jones and Green, especially, had excellent seasons, combining for 21 TDs.
RBs - No strategy here. I went with Martin out of necessity and sproles because he was the best available. Shonn Greene was a necessity, as well, to ensure I had depth. It was enough to win, but it wasn't terribly pretty.

So, Nick, now that the NHL is back on... Thoughts on a shortened Fantasy NHL this year?
written by Nick_Fruscello, January 07, 2013 - 08:22 am
Hey Kevin,

Yep, I just sent out the invites for the fantasy hockey league. I have it setup for 1/15, which, for now, is the start of the NHL season, but I keep reading its getting pushed back to 1/19. If it doesn't, I'm going to move the draft up. I'd prefer for it not to be on the same day as the start of the season.

And congrats again on the fantasy football title!

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