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Last Tuesday, January 15th, the Fantasy Factor held its 4th annual fantasy hockey draft.  A little later than usual thanks to the lockout, but at least a half season is better than nothing.  Its a standard points league with 8 teams.  Coming off my second straight Fantasy Hockey championship, I, once again, got to pick last for the 3rd year in a row.  No Crosbys, Ovechkins, Stamkos' or Malkins here.  Time to get creative... again.   Anyways, here is how the rest of the order shook out:

1.  Ashes of the Igloo
2.  Mr Magoo on Ice
3.  The Flying Hellfish
4.  Benchwarmers
5.  Geno Machineo
6.  Buy Out Clause
7.  Zombies
8.  Xtreme Machine

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Another Fantasy Factor football league is in the books and long time reader and player, Kevin Zuk and his team the Worthless Burghers come away with a decisive win and the 2012 fantasy football title.  He was in first for probably most of the season and finished 158.82 points ahead of everyone else in the standings.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  I hope everyone had fun, after all, this is what its about.  I can't wait to do it again next year!  Here is how the rest of the standings ended up:

Final Standings:
Worthless Burghers - 2446.44
Xtreme Machine - 2314.40
Benchwarmers- 2306.30
North Side - 2269.20
Ray Finkle's Mom - 2176.00
Risky Business - 2084.18
Zombies - 2064.78
STEAGLES - 2057.26
Fighting Pugs - 2052.68


russellwilson 12172012

Russell Wilson - Its semi-finals week in most head to head fantasy football leagues and if I told you Russell Wilson would be the best fantasy player to own in the first playoff week, you probably would have said, "Who??  Is he a RB?  What team?"  The Seahawks QB threw for 205 yards and a TD, but what really knocked him up the fantasy charts this week was the fact that he ran for 92 yards and 3 TDs.  That's actually better than most RBs.

Adrian Peterson - The quest to break Eric Dickerson's single season rushing mark continued yesterday and his old team, the Rams, didn't do much to help him keep it safe.  Peterson ran all over the Rams for 212 yards and 1 TD.  The Texans are up next week.  This will be the tough test to see if he can stay on track.

Tom Brady - With the Patriots losing by a lot and Brady running the hurry up offense early in the 3rd quarter, you had to know that he would eventually come away with a big fantasy day, even if the Patriots lose.  TB finished with 443 yards passing, 1 passing TD and 1 rushing TD. 

Drew Brees - Tampa might be good against the run, but they're atrocious against the pass and Brees showed everyone just how bad they were.  He went to the air 39 times for 307 yards and 4 TDs.

Sam Bradford - In what was probably his best game as a pro, Bradford lit up the Vikings secondary for 377 yards and 3 TDs.  Unfortunately, AP's sprints down the field made this performance all for not for the Rams, however this was a nice unexpected boost for his fantasy owners.

Black Holes

Doug Martin - I know he's a rookie RB late in the season, but I feel like Martin was a HUGE disappoint to his owners this week.  He's been good all season and really good against defenses that are not very good and this was one of those weeks.  The Saints are the worst defense in the league and Martin finished with just 16 rushing yards. 

Josh Freeman - Equally bad as Martin was his QB Josh Freeman.  Even with his team down by several TDs, Freeman could pass his way to 300 yards or at least a TD.  Freeman ended with 279 yards, 4 INTs and 1 lost fumble. 

Matthew Stafford - I still believe Matt Stafford will be a great QB in the NFL someday.  Yesterday though, was not one of those days.  Playing against a team that got whooped 58-0 a week ago, Stafford struggled with just 246 yards and 3 INTs

Eli Manning - Just when it looked like Eli got the train rolling again, he derails.  He derails hard and at probably the worst possible time.  In a huge game for his fantasy owners and for the Giants, Eli passed for just 161 yards and threw 2 INT.  Pats fans are probably wondering why he can't do that in the Super Bowl.

Jamaal Charles - 9 rushes.  10 yards.  Versus Oakland.  No, he wasn't injured either.  Surprisingly disappointing at the worst possible time. 


camnewton 12112012Cam Newton - With his third straight strong performance, last year's first overall pick led the Panthers to a upset victory against the Falcons.  Cam passed for 287 yards and 2 TDs, but his biggest contribution was on the ground with 116 rushing yards and a rushing TD.  He was like two really good players on Sunday.

Nick Foles - The rookie 3rd round pick stepped up his game in a big way this week with 381 yards passing and 2 TDs.  The Eagles appear to be committed to Foles even if Vick is ever cleared to play again this year.

Marshawn Lynch - Carrying the ball just 11 times, Lynch did a TON of damage in fantasy land.  In those 11 touches (all rushes), Lynch piled up 128 yards and 3 TDs.

Adrian Peterson - Remember back in August when people were passing on AP in the first few rounds because of his injury from last year?  This just goes to show what preseason ranks mean.  AP ran for another 154 yards and scored 2 TDs in a win over the Bears.  He currently sits with 1600 yards with at St Louis, at Houston and Green Bay at home left on the schedule.  AP2K?

Knowshon Moreno - Willie McGahee's injury has really helped Moreno not only become relevant again, but fantasy relevant.  Against the Raiders, Moreno ran the ball 32 times for 119 yards and a TD.  Cleveland, Baltimore and KC left on the schedule, he should have a nice strong finish for the fantasy playoffs.

Black Holes

Ahmad Bradshaw - Against the Saints, who have probably the worst defense in the world right now, this was supposed to be a huge game for Bradshaw.  Well, unfortunately, he injured his knee after just 11 carries and his 11 carries were not nearly as good as Marshawn Lynch's.  He's questionable to return next week.

Andrew Luck - Up and down we go with Luck.  Both the player and fortune.  After a huge week last week, Luck finished with just 196 yards passing 1 TD and 2 INT against the Titans.  Amazingly enough though, the Colts did manage to win the game.

Bryce Brown - After two surprisingly good games, Bryce surprised us again, but not in a good way.  12 carries, 6 yards.  Hmmm... on the plus side he didn't fumble.  So there's always that.

Greg Jennings - Well he's back, but he may as well still be on the sidelines.  Jennings turned in another forgetable performance on Sunday against the Lions.  Rodgers go-to-guy caught just 1 pass for 27 yards.

Arizona Cardinals - After going 4-0, the Cardinals have lost 9 straight.  The most recent one a 58-0 loss to division rival Seattle.  4 INTs, 4 lost fumbles, 154 yards total for the entire game.  Larry Fitzgerald caught one pass for 2 yards despite being targeted 11 times.  I couldn't make up worse numbers.  Seriously.


adrianpeterson_12032012Adrian Peterson - As we start the Advent season and the priests wear purple during mass, its only fitting that the RB nicknamed Purple Jesus turned in another strong performance in Green Bay rushing for 210 yards and a TD.  He'll get GB again in Week 17.

Andrew Luck - After stumbling the past couple weeks, Luck got back in his fantasy owners good graces with a big day in Detroit.  Even though he was picked off 3 times, he passed for 391 yards and 4 TDs.  I guess the turnovers can be overlooked.

Bryce Brown - One week ago today, nobody knew who Bryce Brown was.  Two games later, he's the hottest player off the waiver wire in fantasy football.  After a 178 and 2 TD performance on Monday Night, Brown followed it up with a 169 yard, 2 TD performance against Dallas.  While he does have a fumbling problem, when you score multiple TDs and rush for over 7 yards per carry, I don't think anyone will care.

Tony Romo - Continuing his hot streak, Romo lit up the Eagles for 303 yards and 3 TDs.  As I mentioned last week, Romo and the Cowboys offense look to finish strong this year with a favorable schedule (besides the Steelers, of course).

Calvin Johnson - Megatron's stats look like they're right out of Madden.  13 catches, 20 targets, 171 yards and a TD.  Its like that kid that only knows how to press one button and keeps throwing to the same player every time.

Black Holes

Drew Brees - I don't know what happened this Thursday.  Last Thursday was such a huge day for NFL players.  This Thursday, Brees threw 5 INT and lost to the Falcons.

Matt Ryan - Meanwhile, Matt Ryan who had a monster game in Tampa last week, figured to have another huge game at home against a really soft Saints defense.  Unfortunately for his owners, Ryan only passed for 165 yards and just 1 TD.

Roddy White - The WR suffering the most in this game was White with just 1 catch for 20 yards.  Wow!

Philip Rivers - Suffice to say, Rivers hasn't exactly been the best QB in the NFL this year.  He only went over 300 yards twice and this week wasn't one of them.  Just 280 yards, 1 INT, 1 lost fumble.  Not exactly great stats especially when you play the Bengals.

Jordy Nelson - Nelson caught 1 pass for 10 yards before leaving hamstring injury.  Will Green Bay's WR corps ever get healthy?

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