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20121105pg_bassmasterclassic_150Starting your week with the Post-Gazette Business/law package today begins with a report by the PG's Ann Belser on the mechanics and challenges of winding down a non-profit entity that has run its course.

The PG's Joyce Gannon reports on the volunteer efforts by attorneys here and around the country to provide voter rights information and representation rolling into Tuesday's elections.

The Legal Intelligencer staff offers a overview of the impact of Hurricane Sandy on legal proceedings, crowded courtroom schedules, law firm operations and even prison overcrowding.

20121105_votebuttonB_photocom78485468_60And from the weekend, returning to the election theme, the Panic Street Lawyer's Jay Hornack offers Pennsylvania voting survivor tips just in time for Tuesday's balloting.

(Top image: A fishing pro at 2005's Bassmaster Classic tournament in Pittsburgh. John Beale/Post-Gazette)

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Legal Headlines from the Post-Gazette

  • No penalty for oil and gas consultant for unauthorized practice of law
    Although a natural gas consultant was found to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law for helping draft a lease, the state Superior Court has dismissed the counterclaims against him.
  • Patent trolls can be bad for business
    They're not hiding under bridges like the trolls in children's fairy tales, but patent trolls can be a very real problem for fledgling businesses, especially for those in the tech sector.
  • Court: MCARE doesn’t cover sex-abuse claims against hospital
    Pennsylvania’s MCARE Fund does not cover claims against a hospital for sexual abuse at the hands of a physician who practiced medicine there, the Commonwealth Court has ruled.
  • Business Workshop: Watch out for CFIUS
    More Western Pennsylvania businesses than ever are looking to foreign investors for capital or as potential buyers. But entrepreneurs should understand that the federal government, in the form of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), may block or modify such deals.
  • Anonymous Pa. Web speech may not be so anonymous
    Most people may view the Web as a forum for absolute free expression and think they have wide latitude to post comments anonymously, but Pennsylvania defamation law doesn’t necessarily mirror those views, some lawyers said.

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