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Archer as bobsFX’s “Archer” (10 tonight) started strong but its most recent season seemed less funny than it had been in the past. Or maybe the are only so many jokes about selfish spy, Sterling Archer, to be told.

Regardless, the animated comedy returns in stronger comedic shape in its fourth season, which begins tonight with an outing that plays around with the notion that actor H. Jon Benjamin gives voice to Sterling and also the title character of Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers.”

As the new season of Archer begins, Archer has amnesia and is working at Bob’s Burgers as Bob. It’s amusing to see the “Bob’s” characters rendered in the “Archer” animation style. John Roberts, who gives voice to Linda on “Bob’s,” also provides the character’s voice on “Archer.”

It’s a strong, funny episode to open the new season, as is next week’s episode featuring guest voice Timothy Olyphant (“Justified”) as a fellow spy whose interest in Archer may be more than that of a jocular frat house buddy.

Read a review of new comedy "Legit" after the jump. ...

legitTonight at 10:30, following "Archer," FX debuts its newest comedy, "Legit." The series stars Australian comedian Jim Jefferies as a fictionalized version of himself: a comic living in Los Angeles who struggles in show business while trying to live up to his mother's hope that he'll become "legit."

"Legit" is another comedy of the uncomfortable show with Jefferies playing a Ricky Gervais-like jerk. Everyone behaves badly while striving. "Legit" is sort of a cross between "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Louie" -- but tonally it's closer to "Sunny."

In the premiere episode, Jefferies "helps" his roommate Steve (Dan Bakendahl) by taking Steve's brother, Billy (DJ Qualls), who is confined to a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy, to a prostitute.

"He's gonna die soon anyway," Jefferies reasons. "This is a good way for him to go."

Once Jefferies helps Billy, he suddenly realized all the benefits he can selfishly derive from aiding a guy in a wheelchair.

"Legit" comes off as appalling at first but after a few episodes, you get used to how awful Jefferies is and the show even allows for a few skewed, sweet moments. Billy is the most appealing character on "Legit" and it's a funnier, better program when the focus is on his character and Jeffereies' uncomfortable-comedy antics are less prominent.

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